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Father’s Day food: macho food

Fugu, a poisonous pufferfish, is now available in the UK. Surely this is the sort of cliched macho nonsense we could do without?

Like all the best American imports, Father’s Day is about eating, drinking and spending money. The usual hackneyed take on man food is that it’s got to be big, it’s got to be butch, and it’s got to be bloody. Grrr. If it’s cooked at all, it’s got to be cooked with fire.

An obvious choice would be a massive steak, served rare of course. Morrisons is currently flogging the “daddy of all steaks” – a 32oz (900g) slab of prime British rump. Last year they sold over 200,000 steaks for Father’s Day. Even bigger, and therefore more manly, would be East London Steak Co’s 1kg Porterhouse, dry aged on the bone for at least 28 days. It’s supposed to feed two, but I’m sure any dad worth his salt could manage to force one down (especially if they dwell on the massive 1.2kg of meat that blogger Lizzie Mabbott, aka Hollowlegs, put away at a charity competition last year.)

As anyone who has ever watched the TV show Man v Food knows, dude food isn’t fuel or fun, it’s a challenge. The bigger, the greasier, the spicier, the better. In Norwich, your father can attempt to conquer a £30, 3kg, 13,000 calorie burger at local restaurant Over De Flames. If he manages to eat it all, he gets his money back and wins £200, so at least it could be a profitable night.


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