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Films featuring smoking could be given 18 certificate in bid to stop children taking up habit

Source: Dailymail  >> Read full article and comment

A council could become the first in Britain to give any film which features smoking an 18 certificate in a bid to tackle addiction, it emerged today.


Last updated at 11:47 AM on 14th June 2010

Officials in Plymouth, Devon, want to prevent children viewing movies which show actors using cigarettes.

The local authority has the power to change certificates for films shown in its boundaries and say the move would help its anti-smoking plans.

NHS Figures for Plymouth show 27 per cent of adults smoke compared to the national figure of 21 per cent – and 63 per cent of children are smoking by the age of 16  But in more deprived areas up to 54 per cent of adults smoke – more than twice the national average…Continue reading