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Mandelson tells parents how to deal with the boomerang generation

Business secretary Peter Mandelson makes his speech to the Labour Party conference in Brighton
Peter Mandelson

He has returned to the Cabinet more times than any other minister but now Lord Mandelson is giving advice to parents on how to rid their homes of the “boomerang” generation.

The Business and Skills Secretary, who made his third return to the Government last year, is publishing a guide to help parents to shift children who have moved back to the family home after graduating.

Mothers and fathers should not pander to them but must show “tough love”, according to Lord Mandelson’s department. “If you are making life too comfortable at home, why would they get a job?” the guide asks.

“If you are providing free board and lodgings, a well-stocked fridge, washing and ironing done … there’s not much drive there. So cut back to help increase their motivation.”

David Willetts, the Shadow Skills Secretary, dismissed the guide and said that Lord Mandelson should concentrate on the economy. “Young people are driven back home after university out of financial necessity … Continue Reading


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