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IVF among older women: arguments for and against

Source: The Telegraph >> Read Full Article and Comment
The issue of fertility treatment for post-menopausal women raises a number of medical and ethical concerns which have become the subject of fierce debate.

By Martin Evans
Published: 8:00AM GMT 18 Jan 2010

One of the most pressing concerns is the ability of an older mother to care for her child in advancing years.

Many campaigners argue that it is unfair on the child to have a parent who may die when they are still very young, but supporters insist youth is no guarantee of life expectancy and the most important thing is that the youngster has a loving home.

With no upper age limit enshrined in law there are also fears that as science advances there will be those who are tempted to push the boundaries even further with women in their 70s eventually allowed to conceive.

Those opposed to IVF for older women claim the welfare of the child is being lost amid the efforts to push the scientific boundaries ever further.

But supporters of IVF for the over 50s insist maturity can be advantageous in parenting as older people tend to have more spare time and money to lavish on their child…. Continue Reading

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