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Bullies use anonymity provided by Facebook and social networking sites to torment their victims

Users of social networking sites should be banned from posting comments anonymously because it encourages bullying, say child welfare experts

They offer instant communication and the feeling of being connected to hundreds of “friends”.
But social networking websites are being used by children and teenagers to bully each other on a disturbing scale, new research has warned.
Not only are they “posting” hostile and threatening messages, some are even using the technology to send anonymous abusive messages.
A new study to be published this week will show that “cyber-bullying” has now affected a third of teenagers, with many feeling unable to tell parents or teachers about their experience.

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Why do parents buy chickenpox lollies?

US authorities have warned parents that posting infected lollipops to other families who want their children to get chickenpox is against the law. But why are the parents doing it?

The news that some parents have been apparently posting saliva-soaked tissues and licked lollipops to each other in an attempt to spread chickenpox among their children has been greeted with widespread condemnation.

Doctors have cautioned that licking a supposedly infected lollipop is unlikely to pass on chickenpox – which is mostly an airborne virus – but could expose a child to other, more serious ailments.

And Jerry Martin, US attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, warned that anyone attempting to send so-called “pox packages” through the mail would be breaking federal laws against shipping biohazards across state lines.

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