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New teachers ‘struggle to communicate subject knowledge’

Children risk being left with a poor understanding of key subjects because of failures in the way teachers are trained, according to a leading headmistress.

Bernice McCabe, head of fee-paying North London Collegiate School, said many new teachers were struggling to communicate fundamental academic disciplines in the classroom.
She said training courses increasingly emphasised trendy teaching skills and different approaches to learning over the application of traditional subject knowledge.
Mrs McCabe, director of the Prince’s Teaching Institute, a charity founded by the Prince of Wales to encourage teachers to rediscover their passion for subjects, said the content of lessons was too often seen “a secondary consideration”.

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Head teachers vote to strike over pensions

Head teachers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action, delivering a massive blow to the Government’s hopes of averting strike action over plans to cutpublic-sector pensions.

The first ballot on national industrial action in the history of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) produced a 75.3 per cent vote in favour. A turnout of 53.6 per cent from its 20,000 voting members is among the highest of any union campaigning against the Government’s proposed public spending cuts.

Russell Hobby, the union’s general secretary, said: “In many ways this is an unhappy milestone. I have spoken at length to many school leaders and not one has been anything other than upset and sometimes downright angry that they have been forced into this situation as the only way to stand up for the profession and standards.”

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Schools to be shut by head teachers’ strike

Most primaries and many secondaries face closure on 30 November day of action

Head teachers are to go on their first-ever national strike, closing almost all of the country’s primary schools and hundreds of secondary schools, their leader predicted last night.

Schools throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland face the threat of closure on 30 November – the day of a scheduled strike by public-sector staff and civil servants against plans to cut their pensions, Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), said in an interview with The Independent.

Members of the union are incensed about the proposals, which would mean increased contributions and a cut in pensions for most heads, as well as the long-term prospect of a higher retirement age. The result of the ballot will be revealed this afternoon, with a Yes vote marking the first national strike in the union’s 114-year history.

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Specialist subject teachers parachuted into primary schools

Children as young as five will be taught by specialist subject teachers under a Government plan to give pupils the best start to their education.

A new wave of primary teachers will be trained to give dedicated lessons in disciplines such as mathematics, science and foreign languages, it was announced.
It signals a dramatic shift in the primary school workforce which has traditionally favoured all-rounders who can teach any subject.
Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, said the move would put state-educated pupils on a par with those in fee-paying schools.
“Children in private sector through prep schools get primary specialist teaching in core subjects such as maths and sciences,” he said today.
“We want to make sure children in the state sector can benefit from the same opportunities. Learning about maths and science early on in life can enthuse a child to develop a love of the subjects later on in their education.”

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Fifth of trainee teachers cannot do sums or spell… and one had 37 resits before passing basic maths test

Critics say those taking multiple resits shouldn’t teach
Michael Gove to limit re-takes from next year to two

One in five trainee teachers cannot do simple sums or pass basic spelling and grammar tests.

One in ten have failed their final-year numeracy and literacy tests twice in a row, while dozens have needed an astonishing ten attempts.

One clearly innumerate trainee was allowed 37 resits to get through the maths paper. Critics said yesterday those who take multiple resits should not be teaching and will have a detrimental impact on their pupils.

From next year, Education Secretary Michael Gove is limiting the number of retakes to just two.

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